Garry JHere we go !!! Tomorrow is the last day of The Open and its wide open. If you follow it enjoy.Sat, 20/07/2024 - 8:40pm
davidjonesI sometimes meet naturist friends at a sauna for a few hours ,i think sunfriend is deff wrong to say that .Sat, 20/07/2024 - 3:43pm
Alan52Being a naturist and being gay are not mutually exclusive.Sat, 20/07/2024 - 3:12pm
TreemanMaybe I've missed something but no-one said that a sauna is a naturist venue. However many now have Naked Days and I know quite a few naturists who go to them to be naked and socialise. I certainly do in the colder months.Sat, 20/07/2024 - 3:08pm
SunfriendNick beachbum, gay saunas
Are Not naturist venues. You
Seem to be pushing the
point about visiting them.
Sat, 20/07/2024 - 11:34am
DavedoubledeeAnyone in Eastney this coming week?Sat, 20/07/2024 - 11:25am
diyman73Lovely warm day naked in the garden yesterdaySat, 20/07/2024 - 10:38am
nick_beachbumIt is third Saturday in the month so a NUDE day at ME1 Sauna:-) I got too much sun yesterday so plan a day at ME1. Easy to recognise me by the scar on my left hip and of course easy to see as will be nude too SmileSat, 20/07/2024 - 6:05am
Mikros54Looking to meet like minded people have only been to StOsyth beach so far but have just found out about one in Bradwell does anyone know of any more places in EssexFri, 19/07/2024 - 7:14pm
Newnudist21Just back from st osyphs great 3 hours. First public beach for me loved itFri, 19/07/2024 - 5:07pm
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