drewmatureHope everyone is enjoying your daySun, 19/01/2020 - 10:08am
Tim26Like Bob, I could access the Sent messages but couldn't then get into the InboxSun, 19/01/2020 - 7:22am
drewmatureInbox back ... thanks admin for your hard workSun, 19/01/2020 - 7:17am
Nudistnick245Anyone here down next weekend for the naturist weekend in Bournemouth? Had a few messages from couples saying they are going?Sun, 19/01/2020 - 6:48am
admin2Geoff is aware there seems to be an issue and will investigate. Hope the work around is working for the time being.Sat, 18/01/2020 - 9:28pm
bobemmetI found a way to access the inbox. I went to Sent messages in the drop-box menu in the upper left corner of the home page, and got into the inbox that way. Trying to gain access the normal way still won't work!Sat, 18/01/2020 - 7:33pm
bobemmetI can't gain access to my messages today! Has anyone else had difficulty getting to the inbox?Sat, 18/01/2020 - 7:29pm
Garry JNo one messages me they know better Smile SmileSat, 18/01/2020 - 4:27pm
Grange1no messages in INbox?Sat, 18/01/2020 - 3:14pm
Welsh Dragon 15Drew, exactly the same for my messages today!Sat, 18/01/2020 - 2:55pm
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