Bristol Gardens Health Spa

Think of the old Roman Baths 2000 years ago and bring it up to dateIf the name "HEALTH SPA" is new to you, think of the old Roman Baths 2000 years ago and bring it up to date, that is what BRISTOL GARDENS HEALTH SPA is all about.

Lay back in one of the hot tubs and enjoy the relaxation that you deserve after a hard day's work or if you prefer try one of our steam rooms - all fully tiled just as they used to be (no plastic cabinets here).

Some people prefer the dry heat of our two pine-clad saunas - the decision is yours. If you like the invigorating hot bubbling water of the jacuzzi we have one for you to use. Swim in our pool, meet new friends, read a magazine or take a nap in one of our private rest rooms. There's no rush.

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Entry is 18.00 per single and 28.00 per mixed couple.
Payment is by cash or cheque with valid bankers card.
No credit cards.
Massage by qualified ITEC masseuse - 30.00 / hour or 15.00 / half hour

There is no membership.

Towels are provided.

PLEASE NOTE: Costumes are not permitted.
Naturist cafe - naturist
Nearby places to stay (textile)
Family or Adults only:Adults only but no overt sexual behaviour
Can be busy at peak times.

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Bristol Gardens Health Spa
Kemptown 24/26 Bristol Gardens
BN2 5JR Brighton , BNH
United Kingdom
Phone: 01273 698904
50° 49' 4.9404" N, 0° 6' 35.8164" W


Bristol Gardens Health Spa


I just had to add a comment to Bristol Gardens Health Spa....

I thoroughly recommend that if you have not paid them a visit yet, YOU MUST !! ITS FANTASTICAL.... x

What an extremely friendly and scrupulously clean Health Spa it is... My husband and I  have been here many times together and have over the years have made many new

If you are looking for sleeze and grime, you WON'T find it here !!!!

However, if you are looking for a place to totally unwind amongst friends, check it out..

You won't be disappointed..

I hope that I haven't spoken out of  term, but I just had to express my thanks to you.

Julie & Paul


to earlly to leave at 5-30pm!

visited bristol gardens health spa but could only stay for just over 2hours. unfortunately sunday evening is couples only after 6 pm so all un-attactched singles have to leave- the same applies to saturday evenings. It's quite a good atmosphere here with plenty of wet/dry facilities. some single men seem to hang around the'rest area' where by the sounds of things females get pleasured on a regular basis. on the sunday of my visit when talking to regular male visiters it seemed that females were in a short supply on that particular day, however couples were arriving in quite a steady stream after 5-0pm. will deffinately visit bghs again. by the way there seems to be enough parking places around the area. keep bare!


Hi there have been on several times if i am on own some of the men think you are there to be part of the fun when do you mostly go as we have done sat eve and i have done odd week days