Isle of Sheppey

Beach outside Leysdown

Great beach, but I never swim, would recommend careful driving unless you're in a landrover.
Naturist and textile harmony
Description of place:Isle of Sheppey
Facilities :Food and drink nearby
Nearby places to stay (textile)
Family or Adults only:Family friendly
Visitors per dayA couple of hundred
Naturists per day:A couple of hundred

Photo courtesy of Tom Sawyer

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Isle of Sheppey ME12 Isle of Sheppey , KEN
United Kingdom
51° 23' 8.2644" N, 0° 56' 27.24" E
Kent GB


Leysdown Beach

I visited Leysdown beach a few times in the short summer of 2007. The dirt track to the beach is not too bad as long as you drive very slowly. There were quite a few people there and I found them very friendly. A lot of them were camping there and had been there a few days. I was advised not to go into the sea as the sand tuned to mud a few yards out but it didn't stop other people from going into the sea. There was a constant flow of non naturists walking along the beach but they didn't seem to notice or care that there were naturists on the beach. It was nice and peaceful and I had a great time every time I went there.



It's my "local" too.
Peejay is right the people there are friendly and there are a number of regulars that I see on my occasional visits there. Don't be put off by the mud when the tide is in it's fine. When it's out it's a very long walk and so shallow at the end you won't get a swim anyway!

Not sure I'd agree with the numbers on the opening description, I don't get there often, usually when I do it is a good weather day and i doubt if more then 50 naturists are there.