Walney Island Unofficial Beach

Walney Island, also known as the Isle of Walney, is the eighth largest marine island in England.

The island lies in the Irish Sea to the west of the Furness peninsula in north-west England. Until 1974 both the island and the peninsula were a detached part of the county of Lancashire but are now in Cumbria, the island being part of the borough of Barrow-in-Furness to which it has been connected by bridge (Jubilee Bridge) since 1908. Until the bridge was built a ferry was used to transport the workers.

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Walney Island Walney Island , CMA
United Kingdom
54° 8' 53.826" N, 3° 16' 12.6912" W
Cumbria GB


Re - Walney Island

I have visited this beach at the north end of Walney Island a few times, but always out of season in early October. Because of that I've only seen a couple of other nudists at most. I understand from chatting to one that on a good day in the summer up to 30 nudists might be using the beach.

It is a long walk, say 30mins plus, from the parking area at Earnsie Bay, but well worth the effort in my opinion. Even on the not so warm days, generally applying in October, it can still be pleasantly warm in the dunes.

Walney Island

I live on the island and excercise my dogs on the beach at the North end most days. It's been known as a 'Skinny Dippers' beach since my parents were kids and they often took me along with them (happy days - 'sigh' ).

I introduced my wife to the pleasures of Naturism there many years ago and we can both be found soaking up the rays in the dunes on a sunny day ...(Not many of them so far this year).

The water quality has steadily improved over the last few years and the beach has passed all tests for safe bathing.

Spent the day there today and

Spent the day there today and only saw four other people all day, two naked and two dressed. Had a longer walk than usual as the winter storms have washed the road away in front of the caravan park so you can't drive down the track along the the beach towards the north end of the island.















I enjoy walking up here when

I enjoy walking up here when the suns out - yet to see any other nudists - let me know if anyone is planning to visit!


Regular (Almost weekly)

Regular (Almost weekly) visitor to this beautiful & quiet place. Missing driving up there now we have restrictions,but will be my first port of call once  they are lifted. Rain or shine!!