Roanhead Beach

Roanhead Beach on the Cumbrian Coastal Way

In a delightful naturist reserve a brid watchers paradise.

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Roanhead Beach Askam in Furness , CMA
United Kingdom
54° 9' 46.2096" N, 3° 15' 22.1724" W
Cumbria GB


Re - Roanhead

It looks like a great beach. For some reason, perhaps I'm just thick, I couldn't find it when I was in the area, using the directions on the NUFF site.


Have you given feedback

Have you given feedback on that to the NUFF site John?
A post on NUFF states that the beach does not have a postcode but the nearest dwelling is the chalet park at Earnse Bay, their postcode is LA14 3XZ. Would that be any help?
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One of the reasons for updating this was to add the location to the ITB Naturist map - so if you are stuck finding somewhere - check out the location by going to the menu, places to go, then -> Naturist Map

The Naturist map allows you see naturist places as pins in a map and makes it easy when traveling to find a place to visit.

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Re - Roanhead and NUFF

No Pat, I haven't given any feedback regarding Roanhead to the NUFF site, mainly because I only made one attempt to find it and may have misinterpreted their directions.

I don't know how often they update their information, as in 2007 I went to Studland and found that the 150 bus to Swanage which the site says passes Branksome station no longer does so. I sent them an email (which I think was acknowledged) giving directions as to where someone arriving at Branksome would need to go to catch the bus, but the information on the site has never been amended.




Any directions you have would be most useful for any places - just add as a comment so others can read :)

If it is a place that doesn't yet have a page, feel free to drop me an email and I'll set one up with any details

Also any reviews of places are always welcome

.... and anyone can make notes/comments - even if it just to describe your experience of a place,even a place you visit often, as it will help others make up their minds to visit (or not)

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Roanhead & Walney

There appears to be some confusion on the NUFF website regarding Walney Island and Roanhead beaches.

The post code refers to the chalet park at Earnse Bay on Walney Island and is several miles from Roanhead on the mainland. The NUFF website seems to assume they are one and the same.

You can stand on the beach at Roanhead and look across to Walney only a few hundred yards away - but they are separated by a deep water channel.

I know where the beach at

I know where the beach at Walney is and I have been there two or three times. However the first and last time I tried to find Roanhead, was about 4yrs ago and I was working from the NUFF site information. It was made more difficult by the fact it was autumn and there were not any other nudists around to "confirm" the area !



Beachcomber - have you advised NUFF about the confusion regarding the areas?
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Pat One Life - Live It

I must admit I haven't

I must admit I haven't contacted NUFF regarding the confusion between my local beaches.

I wrote the original report on Walney Island several years ago. It appears someone else has added Roanhead since then and they've been lumped together.

I know it must be confusing to a non-local so I'll see what I can do to clear up the mis-understanding.

I went here last sunday -

I went here last sunday - wanted to try my first nudist experience, however, no sign of any nudists and a couple of clothed groups and one clothed couple walking on the beach.  Wasnt brave enough to strip off.  Maybe sundays arent a, good day!

roanhead the naturist part is

roanhead the naturist part is really hard to find, plus ive only ever seen 3 other when ive been there, 1 couple and a guy , there was an old shipwreck i think at one time but its gone, if you walk from the barrow end and a quarter of a mile there is a gap in the dunes, the nudist bit is just before that, well thats were ive stripped off

Spotted this and the

Spotted this and the confusion around Walney and Roanhead. Thought it might be useful to clarify now the weather is improving. For Roanhead need to follow the A590 and turn right at tge roundabout af the end of the Dalton bypass (follow signs to Barrow). After a couple of mins drive look out carefully for sign to Sandscale Business Park on the right LA144QT. Park up before the level crossing then follow the footpath across ths railway line ths follow the path parralel to the coastline. Once you reach the "black huts" bear right down the path until you reach the beach. The consensus seems to be that the nudist area is around the first bend of the beach. The tip of Walney Island can be seen a few hundred yards across the water. To get there however you need to follow the A590 further towards Barrow then follow the signs to Walney. Drive across the bridge then turn right at traffic lights. Follow the road through North Scale then take the
first turning on the left.

Cont....then follow the bendy

Cont....then follow the bendy lane to the end, turn right at the junction the right again then you will reach the car park. Walk right down the shore past ths caravan park then a walk of perhaps 25 - 30 minutes along the beach or until you feel safe to strip off! From the tip of the island you can see Roanhead across the water.