Wirral Naturist Club

Weekend swim and social club. Membership is comprised of families, couples and singles, and welcome all genuine naturists who wish to visit one of the gatherings.

WNC run Chester, Ormskirk and Stoke on Trent Swim


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Wirral Naturist Club
Victoria Road
CH2 2AU Chester , CHS
United Kingdom
Phone: 07884 022146
0° 0' 0.0036" N, 0° 0' 0.0036" E
Cheshire GB


That is an opinion.

That is an opinion. Are you meaning WNC or the swim venues?

Pat One Life - Live It

I see it as - there are more

I see it as - there are more men than women (so we are told) interested in a naturist lifestyle.

We are also told some women feel "intimidated" by an abundance of men - naked or not (more so naked I assume)

We hear that club/swim organisers are afrraid that if they admit more men to events they will lose the women in attendance as they are intimidated by an abundance of men.

So less women at events makes the assumption there are more men than women interested in a naturist lifestlye and as there are more men the women will not attend.

This is an observation and does not reflect my own situation.

Pat One Life - Live It

I question in these days of

I question in these days of equality how single men are treated less favourably (equality act 2010). To name but one act on equality for all. Are these private run clubs legal allowed to put themselves above the laws of the land, or are they run on some old boys network.?

having never had this problem

having never had this problem yet, i can understand the words of pat but still think being a single nudist yet married with grown children do feel that some people still treat singles as lepers.

just my view on things.

Does this club have a

Does this club have a constitution? Does it state that gender balance (to the point of exclusion) is their aim? If so they should make it clear on their website and other published material, and to the publicly subsidised organisations whos facilities that they use.

Somehow I think you will need to ask them.
Not a question we can answer here.

Pat One Life - Live It

The term - 'fighting a losing

The term - 'fighting a losing battle' comes to mind. Go back into the archives of this site and indeed of most naturist sites and you will find the same problem being discussed. I know that doesnt make it right but it seems to be taking forever to correct. I am suprised no-one has mentioned the fact that a lot of clubs are 'owned' by the members and it is entirely up to the members to decide who or what goes on in that club. I am also suprised that news of a change in attitudes by some clubs like Diogenes has not filtered out more. Surely, it is the fact that naturists/nudists/people who dont want to wear clothes are forced behind fences and join insular clubs is at the heart of the matter when it is not illegal to be naked in public for this country. It is the perception by the general public that needs to be changed to that of acceptance. (It aint gonna happen overnight, this year, next year, this decade). BN for all its faults is active in this way. Just keepchipping away at the old way of thinking. Keep enjoying what nudity you can. Keep spreading the gospel according to Nat Urist.