My Freedom, Brighton, Sat 13 Aug, 12 noon. - body freedom party and campaign

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My Freedom, Brighton, Sat 13 Aug, 12 noon. - body freedom party and campaign
My Freedom - Bike Ride in BRIGHTON, Summer Party and World Record Skinny Dip Event.... 13 August at 12:00 - 14 August at 19:00 This is a new event that hopefully will grow over the years to celebrate all things about Freedom, this has been set in the middle of August and should coincide with traditionally very good weather....... Who's in charge ? - Nobody really; it's public. Come and enjoy. However we are trying to promote it in some respects.....but if everyone comes down and joins in then we can have some fun and party too... Celebrating OUR FREEDOM, this means anything that annoys you and restricts you in life, oil, tax, bills, human rights..... You can put whatever banners you wish and support whatever groups you wish to support on the ride. If there are enough people with their bikes who want a ride, we will stage a short ride around Brighton. This will be a legal ride and carried out as advised by the organisers/police. Dress code - Dressed at present, but subject to change Hopefully we will have somesome stops off's and party on route and then a final LARGE party at the naturist beach and in the flat pebbled area on the otherside of the fence - Subject to change. Or, if preferred, a shorter ride up and down the promenade from Naturist beach past the pier to the petrol station and back again to Naturist Beach. - 15mins Duration. This is Separate from the WNBR Official rides and a new yearly event. Strictly No Nudity ON THE RIDE until you hit the beach to party. - Subject to change. Please do not come along to just ride naked on the ride. If you really must, please use Bodyart, Swimwear, Partywear, Fancy Dress, Fetish, Glamourish, Fig Leaves, Coconut shells....... whatever as long as you are covered until you hit the beach. It maybe on the day Nudity will be permitted at the back or whole ride, this needs to be decided on the day, however please dress assuming that it is NOT permitted Helping Out -------------- Come along yourself, spread the word, share to friends, Please spread this event to students, uni's, colleges, clubs, bars, everyone This will only be a success if people come and join in.... * Bring your music,band or any instruments, * Play on the beach, Please bring any balls and games with you. * Bring your own food and drink, take your rubbish with you, * Dress up to party or Dare as you Bare or just relax, * Bring along your protest banners, but have a party as well. * Join in and have a great time. * Help us break and set the World Record Event.....(If your worried your friends may see you, remember you can use your arms and hands to cover yourself). * Have fun and make it a success which will grow every year. DO NOT bring any drugs to this event..... or act too drunk that you annoy others. A police van and officers maybe at the event to show thier support in the community. We do not wish to have any arrests. It can be whatever you make of it... just don't spoil it for others if you want a good time at the beach in the summer, come along and bring your bike too. It is on the Naturist beach area, as thier is lot's of space..... on the beach and surrounding areas for bikes and people. Please keep any Nudity to the other side of the hill and beach area, so we can have a party for all....... Event times ------------- 11.30-12pm - Organisation and Helpers Meeting. By Naturist beach - Nudity Sign. 12pm+ start Meet up on the beach and chat, eat snacks, get ready and party to some music. to 3.00pm - Bike Ride Set off on a relaxed short bike ride, stopping off on the way. - Strictly No Nudity on ride - Subject to change. This will be done - depending on numbers. 4.00pm - Break the World record Skinny Dip at a beach - currently this is at about 400 approx held in Wales I believe. Subject to change and check, but we can break the record. Please consider donating £1 if you are taking part in the world record event, there should be an official bucket to go around from 3.15pm, this will also enable us to count the total easier and get an official count that can break the world record. All donations collected will be donated to the Macmillan cancer trust. Have contacted the charity for supporting collectors, but had no reply.​k/Fundraising/Bikingevents​/Bikingevents.aspx Hopefully there will be demand for this, it is likely to be started with a whistle or megaphone. We need honest collectors and counters and security as well for clothes! We also need a megaphone if anyone has one please bring it along...... 6.30pm - Music ends and party finishes, Please take all rubbish with you. This is not focused just on Nudity, but to have fun a good time and party.

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