Taddiford Gap

Been using this beach for a great many years. It is 1/4 mile down from the car park, and the nudist beach is nealy half a mile long to the West of the "down cliff scramble" ie towards Barton-on-sea. The beach is at its best at low tide, and although the above high tide mark is mainly shingle, once in the water, it is soon hard sand, after a small dip, ot to a sand bank that runs the length of this beach and all the way to the East to Milford-on Sea. Not heavily used, but enjoyed by couples,a few single girls,and several men - the latter mainly at the Barton end.
Enjoy - I do. - Dicktiki

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Taddiford Gap
United Kingdom
50° 43' 53.4036" N, 1° 38' 16.908" W


Taddiford Gap

Hi, yes, i knew the beach was there, and went looking for it a couple of times. Then i found info on exactly where it is on the BN and NUFF web sites, so have now been there a couple of times over the last week. Closest car park is the one on the road from New Milton to Milford-on-Sea, which is only a 5 minute walk away from the beach along a narrow but well-worn track, and there is even a notice board in the corner of the car park to make sure you find the path ok. Fee is £3 for 4 hours, same as in Milford or Barton, but it's a lot further to walk from the town car parks.

When you get onto the beach, turn right, and the naturist area is from the access point for about 700 yards westwards towards Barton-on-Sea.

Just below the golf course.

Just below the golf course. Access from the carpark (free) on road from Milford,just beyond golf course on way to Barton; or from the Taddiford Gap car park (paying). Shingle and pebbles makes it a bit uncomfortable fo rsunbathing unless you have a lilo or some such.