Vritomartis naturist hotel, Crete

I live on Crete and decided to pop down to Vritomartis to see what it was like. It was the very end of the season and I booked a room for the last day they were open. I had never been to such a resort / hotel and chose a time when the place would be very quiet so that I could get used to being in such an environment without feeling too anxious since all my nudity is conducted on quiet beaches or at home. Although a few friends have seen me nude I was nervous about appearing nude in a large group of people hence the last minute trip to Vritomartis at the end of the season when I expected it to be quiet. The hotel is quite delightful - there is a main block with reception, dining room, bar, health suite (closed due to the Black Death) and bedrooms. There are also several blocks dotted around the rounds contains 4 apartments. The whole resort has a bright and airy feel to it.The pool is enormous and there is a smaller pool for children and a hot tub, not in use because they were closing the next day. Also there is a pool bar and a little shop plus areas for mini golf and archery.When I booked in the receptionist told me the basics regarding hours for dining plus that nudity was not allowed in the hotel so I should wear trousers, shirt etc when dining and in the bar otherwise I should wear a towel or shorts etc. I had a small sauna wrap with me - it barely covers the essentials but it did the job. She explained that the outdoor areas were clothing optional but complete nudity is demanded in and around the pool.I had booked a room with mountain view but since the hotel was practically empty they upgraded me to a room with sea view.After unpacking (I had only taken a few items packed in a Lidl bag for life lol) I donned a g-string and my sauna wrap and wandered down to reception - I felt nervous already - I had worn the sauna wrap in saunas but here I was walking through the hotel reception practically naked lol.I ventured outside and took off the wrap and went for a wander, not completely nude but nearly there. I saw 4 other guests, in various states of undress - 2 by the pool so completely nude. I went into the pool bar and asked the girl if nudity was allowed there - it was covered so wondered if it was classed as "indoors"- she said I could go nude since it was quiet so got the impression I would need to cover up in busier times. The little mini market sold basic items plus touristy stuff; I bought a couple of fridge magnets as a memento of my visit. I had a chat with the girl serving behind the counter and she didn't say anything about me wearing a g-string but I didn't ask about being nude in the shop.I decided to dispense with the pouch so wandered downto the pool and parked my belongings (g-string and wrap lol) on a sunbed and went exploring. I met a few cleaning ladies and was thankful they didn't laugh and point and began to relax. I did a complete tour of the complex and ended up at the pool bar where I ordered a coffe - it was a bit strange me standing there completey nude whilst the girl who served me was fully dressed in her hotel uniform. The receptionist alsso appeared and I had a chaat to her - very surreal but I soon got used to being completely nude in front of the staff (I wonder what they thought about the g-string - since it is a "clothing optional" resort I wonder if other guests wear them).Normal check-in time is 3pm but I had been able to check in at 11:00 it being so quiet so I had the whole day there.I asked the way to  the beach - there are 2 - an FKK beach (I believe it is the only legal" nudist beach on Crete) and a textile beach. It is about a 15-20 minute walk to each. I chose the nudist beach first (there is a bus service too and from the beach) but I chose not to wait. The walk to the beach is along a public road so nudity is not allowed so I took my towel with me but walked most of the way nude since there was no traffic around. The beach is not too bad - gritty sand which I like since it brushes off very easily however the sand ends at the edge of the water and there are some tricky rocks to negotiate when entering the water. I went to for a swim, dried off and wandered up to the beach bar. Nudity is allowed there so I had a look around and the lady running the place told me the price of sunbeds, I found out ater that they are cheaper if you book them at the hotel. I didn't have any cash with me so didn't buy anything.I returned to the hotel and had a snack at the beach bar, went for a swim then wandered down to the textile beach. Again, because there was no one around I walked the entire way naked. This beach is far better than the textile beach and I enjoyed another swim but as I was sitting on the sand drying off I saw a pickup truck stop a little way up the road. I guessed what he was doing - he was closing some of the "sheep gates" - wire fencing which is drawn across the road to prevent sheep and goats from wandering away I was traapped!  Luckily he had only used bits of rope which I could easily untie and refix once I had "escaped" from my prison.The rest of the day was spent swimming and sunbathing - I had the entire 25 metre pool to myself. I had another coffee at the pool bar and a nice chat with the girl who served me - she said she would never go nude in public and it had taken her a whille to get used to seeing so many people walking around completely nude.I went for dinner at 19:30 - it was nothing special but put that down to me beingthe last person to eat there that season. One of the negative points of the place is that you must pay cash for extras such as meals, drinks, coffees, even drinks you order at dinner so you must carry cash around with you. I had a drink in the bar, there were a couple of lady guests there whom I had seen earlier by the pool then retired for the night. I woke about 04:30 and watched a thuderstorm approach - it was really strange, there was no wind at all, just lightning and thunder which gradually got nearer and near then, very suddenly, it started raining hard and the wind rose form zero mph to gale force in les than 2 minutes. I took some video then got a few hours' sleep before an early breakfast. It was still a bit overcast and showery but that cleared up around 9:30 so I managed a swim and sunbathe by the pool before checking out at 11:00 - they said that I could stay longer if I wanted but I had decided that, rather than returning home, I would venture along the coast to Plakias and stay a night there. They gave me a gift of a bottle of olive oil and said they hoped to see me again. As Arnie said "I'll be back".Next year I'll try the place at the start of the season - it should be a bit busier then and I'm confident that I'll feel quite relaxed amonst more people. 



It's a great resort to visit

It's a great resort to visit and we loved in when we visited last year in October. Had to postpone our return trip twice this year, so planning and early season visit in 2021 (hopefully).