Tom Poulton, artist

Ever heard of a graphics artist named Tom Poulton?

According to Wikipedia, ( ) Tom Poulton (1897–1963) was a British magazine and medical illustrator who provided artwork for a range of publications including the British Journal of Surgery and The Radio Times. After his death it was discovered that he had also secretly produced hundreds of sketches and finished drawings of men and women engaged in a wide range of uninhibited sexual activity.

Here's one of his works, dating back to a time when naturist resorts were called "Nudist Clubs". He's playfully highlighted the (largely fictitious) problem of the unwanted erection amongst the male club members, something which is often envisioned by those who have never actually been to a naturist venue. The poor guy is in total despair as he fails to keep it down, in spite of (or perhaps because of) the camera poised to take his photo along with his beautiful companions.



Thanks for posting. I’m a fan

Thanks for posting. I’m a fan of Tom of Finland’s work, and I’m guessing he must have found inspiration in Tom Poulter’s works.

Want more?

You can find many of Tom's drawings by simply searching on Google. There are many dedicated websites that cover his artworks.

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varied selection of his drawings, some are erotic ho ho very pleasing ..

We've been a fan of Tom

We've been a fan of Tom Poulton's work for some time, we would add them to the walls if we could only afford but just like the other erotica artists, it appears they can charge huge amounts for just prints, a shame that

Wonder if Russ Meyer knew of

Wonder if Russ Meyer knew of Tom Poulton, mind you the styles of art are not really that close to each other, unlike the bench occupants or would that be occu-no-pants(?)

Thanks for posting about Tom

Thanks for posting about Tom Poulton Brendarella and giving a link to his some of his drawings. I think they are great for a number of reasons, one being that it they show ordinairy "respectable" people showing of a different side to themselves in a highly erotic manner, which makes the whole theme fun. The drawings are also just so well done as well. I am also a fan of Tom of Finland's like happy guy, with Tom's unique take on thrusting masculinity. I would also like to say I do enjoy your input into this site, your posts and ideas are always thoughtful, interesting and create some good debate.

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Thank you.

Thanks for your kind words, Michael. I have plenty other stuff lined up, so keep all watching.

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Thank you indeed Brendarella!:-)

Like his work, it has an erotic yet twee look about it; and to think that those with the resources (money and connections) where able to so indulge themselves! When ‘porn’ is now all but a click away in present time.

The Netflix ‘The Crown’ suggested DofE was involved in the same club as Profumo and others.

These many connections with; a Yachting Tycoon, the Profumo Affair, and the Private Shelf at the British Library of that time; all of interest.

How ‘the establishment’ has lurched from one car crash into another as public awareness of their double standards erupted across our recent history; and the majority became more aware of, and some accepting of human desires, inclinations and kinks.

I happened to watch, Professor Marston & Wonder Women on the flight back from Spain; the film’s connection with Feminism, DISC theory, and BDSM was most enlightening! As well as the utility of lie detectors, and a working knowledge of ‘rope work’!


Interesting blog, sorry late

Interesting blog, sorry late reply, fairly new here. A good friend of mine is an artist who I know has drawn inspiration from Tom Poulton as her specialist subject areas include erotic art and sexually explicit art. She has shown me illustrations by Tom Poulton and other similar artworks as inspiration when I have posed for her.

As we are fans of both Tom

As we are fans of both Tom Poulton's work and other erotic artists, does your friend have a website or any other way of contacting her?

Tom Poulton book

I have one of his books. 'The secret art of Tom Poulton' ISBN: 9781898998068.
Very good. Beautiful erotica and at times quite explicit.