Studland beach great day out

I have just got home from a bike ride down to Studland beach, what a great place to start my new venture of being clothes free in public.
This is the first official naturist beach I have visited, I have been too Little Hampton (nice but no access to the water front) and Eastney (but it rained), I also went to Shoreham beach but couldn’t see any singe of nudist there and to be honest the waster looked pretty rank & there was a nasty, dusty industrial estate just yards away.
However Studland was great, such a lovely beach with beautifully clear water, soft golden sand & a good mix of clothes free people. I sat by myself feeling a bit nervous for an hour or so, then a couple came over sat down with me and introduced there selves and we all had a little chat about the lovely weather, this lead to the three of us going for a paddle up to our middle lol and that was it I am hooked, I bravely decided to take a walk along the sand bare foot, well bare all as it goes and it felt wonderful and liberating.
I may go back tomorrow if the weather is good and spend a little longer just soaking up this lovely friendly place, one small problem is sun block, I am very fair skinned and have to use plenty of factor 50, which is fine on my front and bits and bobs, but not so easy on my back…any ideas?

Terry x




I have always found someone to assist with creaming my back, in return for doing theirs.

It certainly is one of our

It certainly is one of our fav beaches and so far we have only been there the once, but hope to this weekend, please be nice weather

I'm just checking the weather

I'm just checking the weather for you now, and it's partly sunny both days, but only 17c Saturday & 18c Sunday, but Monday is looking warmer at 19c

I have been back for a second

I have been back for a second time after having such a nice relaxed time the first time.
What a great place to be naked, the sand is lovely as too are the people, I have met the same couple twice now and had a lovely little chat and a swim with them.

Today I was very brave and walked the length of the beach to get a coffee from the trailer, it felt a bit strange standing at a tea van getting served while nude, but it was ok, even a little amusing.

I have yet another day off tomorrow and will be returning for yet another visit, maybe tomorrow the sun will be out and I can get my lily white body more of a pink colour lol.

Cheers all