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We offer a range of treatments many of which are available as naturist. Most of our treatments are to help with relaxation and stress relief. For more information please look at out website www.rawtherapies.co.uk

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Just another thought - Wendy

Just another thought - Wendy is now trained, qualified and insured in Oncology Massage to help those who have or had cancer.


How does "oncology massage"

How does "oncology massage" differ from other modalities, and is the training body accredited?

Normal massage insurance does

Normal massage insurance does not cover the treatment of anyone with or had cancer. The training and course Wendy has undertaken is accredited and therefore does cover her in terms of insurance.
In terms of difference - I am sure that anybody with cancer will know - but its mainly about alleviating the side effects of radio/chemotherapy and knowing what one can and cannot do.