My Ten Requirements That Make Up The Perfect Naturist Photo

The World's Best Naturist Photo (well, according to my rules).

Some naturist photos seem to have a certain magic touch that can pull you in to the world of naturism with a glance and set your mind racing with possibilities. Maybe it reminds you of times you've had or times you wish you'd had. These special photos seem to be few and far between. So I decided to create a simple "Ten Point Checklist" list that I mentally compared photos to whenever I saw one.

I've seen thousands of naturist photos, but I only ever found one photo that ticked all ten boxes. These are my choices. Feel free to come up with your own list.

Some people may like naturist photos to be of happy children splashing around in the pool or an elderly couple holding hands watching the sunset on the ocean. Or a family of naturists running across a field. But these are MY ratings. Some are, by their nature, highly personal and possibly even a little controversial. I can only repeat that these are MY personal choices for what I consider to be a top naturist photo. Feel free to come up with your own list and select your own top scorer.

My Ten Requirements That Make Up My Perfect Naturist Photo. Ok, Top Nine Requirements, with a bonus point.

Yes, that's a real word. First and foremost, the photo needs to show someone who is loving the fact that they're naked! You should be able to read it in their face! The photo needs to be of someone who has immersed themselves into the joy of being naked because it's such a fun thing to do. So, no coy glances at the camera and no scared-rabbit looks.

Total full frontal nudity.
It's supposed to be a naturtist photo. There should be no clothes covering anything, no photos taken from the rear and no peeking out from behind trees or tables. We want to see the whole package.

Taken outdoors and in daylight.
It's easy to be naked in the privacy of your bedroom or in a hotel room, but it takes more than that to take a naturist photo outside where you have far less control over the environment and people may be watching you. You have to cope with all that and still be able to produce a good photo. And no skulking around in the dark, either. We want good honest daylight.

Amateur, not a professional model.
Motive is everything. Only an amateur can truly show the feeling of naturism, it's just not the same if you're being paid to do it. They should be doing it because they want to, not because they want the money.

Taken with members of the public visible in the photo.
The photo may well have been taken a public space, but a picture taken on a deserted beach or in an empty field, well, it's not the same. There needs to be other members of the public nearby and visible in the photo to bring it alive. It doesn’t matter if they’re looking or just getting on with their own business. But it confirms you're not the only naturist on the planet.

Doing something interesting, not posed.
The subject should be doing something spontaneous, not just standing there striking a pose. You want them to be doing something that shows they’re a normal person doing everyday normal things. Preferably something exciting and fun!

Taken by somebody else, not a selfie.
No selfies. And not taken with a long-distance telephoto, either. Nor did the photographer just prop the camera up on a brick and walk in front of it. If you took the photo, it needs to be of someone else.

Appealing and attractive.
This is the most personal choice. You'll all have your own opinion on this, so just substitute your own tastes. But for me, the photo needs to portray someone who has an alluring demeanor to make you want to be with them. Yes, I know that it shouldn't matter but it does. We're all humans and we don't all find everybody equally physically attractive. If we did, no one would ever fall in love at first sight.

Enjoying themselves.
This is the most important one to me. The subject needs to be happy and smiling, self-assured, confident, enjoying themselves and having a great time whether anyone is looking at them or not.

Shaved pubes.
Finally, for a bonus point, there shouldn’t be any trace of pubic hair on the subject in the photo. No bush, no landing strip, no pencil moustache. Just smooth, bare, naked skin. See, I told you these were my personal choices.

I've only ever found one photo that gets my full TEN out of TEN ticks.
And here it is



well put

cant argue most points but doubt ever reach all points but do our best

Agree with all 10 points but

Agree with all 10 points but rarely manage all 10.
Including other people without their consent could be controversial.

Expectation of privacy.

"Including other people without their consent could be controversial."

True, but not pertinent to any of the ten points I made. I always thought that photos taken in a public space can be taken without the consent of the subjects. I don't think naturists get any special dispensation.

-= Brendarella =-

One or two of these make

One or two of these make sense but I think saying that the person has to be appealing and attractive (and even alluring) is totally against the wide acceptance of people's bodies regardless of looks that real naturists promote. So everyone has to pass an ugliness test and if you fail no good for a picture? Due to society's pressures and constraints, particularly on females, many won't consider going naked in public saying that they don't feel confident in their appearance. This would help no end....(not!). Try watching naked beach where exactly the opposite approach is taken - no matter the body shape or appearance the people are told they are attractive in their own way and should accept this. It is a beautiful representation of what naturism can do for someone.
Also, not a bit of pubic hair? W(hy)TF not? That is the most natural and to me a very beautiful part of the human body. This obsession for shaving genitals that generally come from the porn industry is fine if that is what you want, but equally if you don't want to shave then I totally fail to see how it spoils your 'top naturist photo'.
As you say, it's personal choice but my criteria would be different to yours, we have some lovely photos of friends we've made on our naturist travels who might not automatically pass your 'appealing and attractive' test, and are certainly not people we fancy or would have an 'alluring manner' but they still look good enough to be photographed.

Here come the myths again...

I said that it was my personal choices four times just in case somebody didn’t understand it. Perhaps I should’ve said it five times.

There is a big difference between accepting everyone for how they look, and finding somebody alluring and attractive. I’m all for accepting people for how they look, but I’m still allowed to say that I like the look of some people more than others. See how far you get if tell your partner that they are very attractive but no more attractive than anyone else in the world.

As for your remark about the porn industry being responsible for the popularity of shaving, that's It's one of the seven "myths" of being smooth.

Myth 3. "This trend originated in the porn industry."
No, that's the wrong way round. The ones who run the adult entertainment industry are not stupid - they make a huge amount of money from giving their customers exactly what they want. If customers want to see hairy bushes, they give them hairy bushes. If they want to see smooth pubes, then they give them smooth pubes. Porn stars became smooth because that's what their customers wanted to see.
The adult entertainment industry is all about making money, not setting trends. It's a lot cheaper (and a lot less risky) for them to simply follow the most popular fashion.
History also has plenty of examples of pubes-free females in classical art, paintings and statues long before the Porn industry finally jumped on the bandwagon.

And the comment about it being natural? That's Myth 1.
Myth 1. "It's not natural."
If shaving your hair not natural, then neither is styling it, combing it or even keeping it neatly trimmed. So, no more visits to the hairdressers for you. And all you men will need to grow yourselves a thick, bushy mustache and a beard.
And then there's those women who remove all traces of hair from their legs and armpits, yet are proud to announce that they have a full bush because "removing the hair down there isn't natural". Make your minds up, it's either bush beards and hairy armpits all round or hypocrisy.
By the same reasoning, wearing clothes isn't natural, either.

You'll find all Seven Myths on Going Smooth, here.

-= Brendarella =-


Oh yes, was waiting for the "BOOM" hahahahahaha


I swerved to avoid the collision, but they kept jumping right back in my path.

-= Brendarella =-


'And all you men will need to grow yourselves a thick, bushy mustache and a beard.'

Triple tick to the above here, and a lovely pubic bush to boot!

I think you have posted a really fun and interesting article, Brendarella, and I concur with many of your points - when I get the opportunity to be naturally naked I do, and I wonder, taking your point about 'public' nudity a tad further, would you then class naturist enclaves and resorts as 'ghettos' for naturists?!

Obviously, they are still needed because they are safe and welcome spaces for like-minded folk to hang out with each other...but I think there's still quite a bit to go before British society fully accepts non-threatening, healthy public nudity. And, last point, there is something quite exhilarating about being the only person in a beautiful landscape naked or not....and I'm afraid that does require the self-timer!!

Thanks for posting, I enjoyed reading your naked photo commandments!
Yours in naked comradeship...


Ten commandments

Of course you’re entitled to be the only person in a beautiful landscape who is naked. I’m just saying that in order for it to get my 10 points score you better make sure there is a few people behind you giving you a round of applause... or ignoring you!

-= Brendarella =-

Not sure if my profile photo

Not sure if my profile photo fits the bill?

If God intended people to be naked, they would be born that way. - Oscar Wilde

Not bag, but can do better

Simon, you score a generous 7 out of 10.
I'll PM you with the reasons...

-= Brendarella =-

An offer you can’t refuse.

I’m more than happy to receive photos from members, if you send them to me personally - I’ll rate them for you privately and explain why they got the score.
Or you can send it to my newly set up email address of

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