Hong Kong 2019

i have a 19 hour stop-off in Hong Kong next Saturday 2nd Feb, i was wondering if anybody knows of anywhere naturist where i could spend a couple of hours, i have checked out a few saunas so if all else fails i can spend some time there, but even though this is China we are talking about, i was hoping there would be somewhere more social naturist.
i can't even see any naturist hotels can anybody guide this weary traveller or at least point him in the direction of a decent internet search



If you've not done it before,

If you've not done it before, take the "tram" (in reality a funicular) up to the Peak ... the views are magnificent. Not naturist, but worth doing.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not China it has it's own lifestyle. Chinees people in the country away from cities are very moralistic,
and could be very offended to see naked people.
When in Hong Kong ask a Taxi driver they know everything.