Crete, South coast beach trip October 2020

After my one day visit to the Vritomartis naturist hotel on the south coast of Crete I had intended to return home but made a spur of the moment decision to wander along the coast to Plakias which I know from previous visits many years ago. It took me an hour to drive from Chora Sfakion to Plakias along some lovely mountain roads and through some pretty villages. I arrived around midday on Wednesday.On arrival in Plakias I presented myself at a hotel at the end of village and asked for a cheap room, intending to stay only the one night. The charge was €50 including breakfast. The room was cheap and cheerful and clean and had a great view over the village of Plakias and the Libyan Sea. The hotel is family run and the guy who offered me the room seem very relaxed - he didn't ask for a credit card or ID, just gave me the key to the room. Nice attitude.After unpacking my Lidl bag for life I drove for 30 seconds and arrived at the beach. Was I being lazy - not really - the weather was still overcast after the previous night's storm and I didn't fancy a trek back to the hotel in heavy rain - it REALLY rains on Crete. I spent an hour at the nudist end of the beach - this area is quite large and is well populated with sunbeds and umbrellas. The beach is sandy as is the sea bed when you venture in for a swim.   Anyway, the weather turned bad and it soon started to rain - BIG rain and I made it back to the car then ventured into town for a late lunch. Instead of returning to the beach after lunch and after the rain had stopped I drove a few minutes along the coast to Damnoni beach and then walked for a few hundred yards to Ammoudaki beach - this is a clothing optional beach with a nice little beach bar where I was able to order food and drinks without getting dressed. There were a few people there and the surf was crashing onto the sand so swimming was out of the question - had I ventured in I would have ended up in Libya. I spent an hour or so there then returned to Plakias, had a meal then went back to the hotel.I extended my stay until Friday and the next few days I would visit the nudist beach in Plakias in the morning after breakfast then, without bothering to get dressed, drive nude to Ammoudaki beach and spend most of the rest of the day there then finish up on Plakias or Damnoni for an hour . I stopped at Damnoni one morning and parked myself, nude, on a sunbed.  A girl came along to collect payment and I asked if it was OK to be nude but she said no, the nudist beach is around the corner. Never mind, I visited Damnoni later in the afternoon when she had gone home and watched the sun setting, nude.On Friday I went for a massage, the girl used olive oil - very nice.After the storm had cleared on Wednesday afternoon the weather was perfect. I was tempted to stay on longer, I REALLY liked Ammoudaki beach and can thoroughly recommend it, but the hotel closed on the Saturday so I decided to head for home.So, my spur of the moment short holiday break was a total success - I will revisit next year sincee it is only a 90minute drive from my flat on the north coast.