Countryside ramble

Explored a new ramble yesterday - breeze was a bit icy but the sun was out and keeping up a good pace kept me warm enough. Did eight miles on a circular route, and apart from the first and last mile all of it could be done naked. Only saw one other person, someone working in the woods a way off who probably saw me but nothing was said or done. Be nice to do it again in the warmer weather when I can stop and enjoy a picnic!Got another new route planned for next week if the weather stays dry - don't mind cloud or cold but rain makes for miserable hiking.



Great news! Sometimes it’s

Great news! Sometimes it’s good to hike naked when the weather is makes getting warm and a nice hot chocolate so much better!
Whereabouts is the walk?

It started from Sudeley

It started from Sudeley Castle in Winchcombe, and did a figure of eight out to the west along the valley, up and over a hill, back the other side of the valley and some more hill, ending up back at the castle (hence the textile start and finish mile). Plenty more like that around the Cotswolds.