Are body piercings restricted to just young people?

I came late to body piercing ( in my late 50s ) a year or two before I self pierced my nipples and had the internet, i considered getting a foreskin piercing and contacted my nearest piercer,only to be told he didn't do genital piercing and that I would need to find piercer that did,months later I was connected to the internet and googled piercings from then on was hooked.



No,not at all piercings are

No,not at all piercings are for everyone , any age. I had my belly button pierced when I was 55 years old.Just enjoy them ! 

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Discovered body piercing via

Discovered body piercing via the internet during the 1990s. Have both nipples and several genital, all DIY jobs. Never regretted having them.

A woman in her 70s at a swim

A woman in her 70s at a swim I went to had her nipples pierced and some women in their 50s.I was in my 30s at the time so 20 years ago or so.

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Certainly not just for the

Certainly not just for the younger ones have self done Nipple and a PA have thought about more wife has the equivalent piercings 

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