Staines Moor

Wide open field with riverStaines moor, just off the M25 is a great place, rarely visited by the public except for a couple of dog walkers, it is ideal as you can see anyone coming from miles around, and the river is shallow enough to paddle in when it is hot.
Naturists not strictly allowed
Description of place:Staines Moor
Facilities :No food or drink sales
No overnight accommodation
Family or Adults only:Family friendly
Visitors per dayUp to 10
Naturists per day:1 to 3

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United Kingdom
51° 27' 7.4916" N, 0° 31' 7.7304" W


Staines Moor is like an area

Staines Moor is like an area of open land in the countryside but in an extremely urban area. The grassland is mostly used the local farm for its animals. The paths nearest the reservoir and river are used by dog walkers, but not many, nearer the motorway is quieter. Been several times with friends from nearby Datchet for nude walks and leisure. Ground can be very wet there though.

Hi MasseurNaturel, I've often

Hi MasseurNaturel, I've often thought of going but didn;t know if it would be too busy with dog walkers etc. What time of day or day of the week would you recommend ? i wou;d imagine its pretty wet there at the moment with all the rain we've had. 

Yes it does get busy with dog

Yes it does get busy with dog walkers, the paths are generally good but the whole area gets very wet as it's a moor/floodland. Most dog walkers avoid midday so it's quieter then, also late afternoon/early evenings. We've stayed until sunset but be careful after dark it's unlit other than by the motorway. Path by the reservoir makes for an enjoyable nude walk before sunset.

This isn't far from where I

This isn't far from where I work. Is there a carpark nearby? Or anywhere recommended to park please?