Taking first timer to Studland beach

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Taking first timer to Studland beach

Taking my girlfriend soon to Studland beach, it willbe her first time At naturism. Probably going midweek, any tips. 

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taddiford beach bum
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Could be a good thing to stay

Could be a good thing to stay on the beach, and maybe take a windbreak with you. She may feel more comfortable with a screen on at least one side. Wish you well and hopefully you will both have a lovely day and this could be the first of many trips to clothes free days out!
Good luck! Tad.b.b.


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I endorse what taddiford says

I endorse what taddiford says. A windbreak is also useful if there is a cooling sea breeze. I always park at the Knowle Beach car park as I am a National Trust member.   Consider arriving early and locate your tent or possessions towards the dunes rather than closer to the sea. There is a constant flow of none naturists walking between Shell Bay and Knowle Beach. A first time naturist will feel more comfortable away from the flow of footfall. I always take a beach tent and windbreak to provide shade from sun and allow possessions and picnic lunch to be stored. Take plenty of water with you as it is a good walk to get a drink or food. Also, you will need to dress to go to the cafe.Enjoy your trip! 


Shane and Donna
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Hope you both had a lovely

Hope you both had a lovely day there. We love Studland beach, so lovely and clean and clear waters.

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Agree best to stay on the

Agree best to stay on the beach for a first-timer as depending on whether or not she is broad-minded. Equally she might have very open & liberal views and welcome the opportunity afforded to all to share and enjoy nudity with whoever you want. On the relatively rare days when the sun is hot then it is nice to have a friend to apply suncream on your back etc - and then to have the joy of receiving the same. Like others who have commented I wish you well!

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I was going to go there today
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It was hot today, but the ice

It was hot today, but the ice cream boat was a welcome visitor.