My Manchester Trip

Boring up north huh? I Think not.
First off I had a small amount of work to do at Manchester airport. I left Heathrow at 4.30 a.m. (yes there is such a time). I drove naked all the way to Manchester airport with the heater on full blast and the window open for the breeze. The man on the toll booth at the M6 wasnt really awake I dont think - he didnt say a word! (I thought you just chucked the money in a bucket - but it wasnt working).
 - caught out or what?
Finished my little bit of biz early and had already arranged to meet another ITB member nearby. I arrived near his place early so rang ahead to see if it was ok - no reply. Oh bum, I thought, a waste of time. I left it half an hour and rang again. It was answered (I could hear angels singing - but it was Songs of Praise on his telly).
Spent a very, very pleasant night naked with him. He hadn't been a member very long so I showed him round ITB and he taught me how to use another site. We drank a box of teabags and smoked ourselves through a pack of fags each - but when your feeling good it doesnt seem to matter.
Got back to my hotel at 2.30 a.m. and even the bloke on reception couldnt keep the smirk off his face. Cheeky sod! I was absolutley knackered. I had been up for 22 hours. Showered and slumped into bed prob got to sleep around 3.30 and my mobile went off at 5a.m.. Another urgent job had cropped up.

Launch of NudeBlogs

Today saw the launch of NudeBlogs on

This will give members the opportunity to create an online page of
their own. Detailing ideas and stories as they go through their nude
lives, and sharing those with other members of the community.

Users simply need to click on "Write a blog entry" on the Members Only Menu to allow them to create their own space.


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