Last of the Summer Moor

Well, after the lousy summer, you have to get out and about when you can. I tool the opportunity toady of having what is probably the last visit this year to Staines Moor. The moor is just a piece of scrubland, 2 rivers and a few bushes between M25, A30 and Heathrow airport. Its not well used and apart from the odd dog walker, I can be free to wander naked to my hearts content. I always keep a small pair of field glasses with me so that I can spy people that enter the moor and approach too close. I either dress or move on.
Today, I cycled to and across the moor. The tracks are well used but suffered from flooding last year. This year the flooding has not been so bad, but some of the tracks are still very boggy. I had to hose down the bike when I got home.

Seven go to Dublin

Seven go to Dublin (Non-naturist)

Well, seven intrepid travellers were all set to make a day trip for a whirl wind tour of Dublin on Saturday 9th August 2008.
Bookings were made online with bmi and all documents printed so that there was no waiting at the airport.
Ian (windsoruk) and Mark were going to the airport by taxi and William (Admin), Philip, Tricia, Brenda and myself were setting off by car, so it was up by 5 am ready for the off for check in at 6 am.
Under grey skies we parked the car and got on the bus to get to the terminal building where we met up with Ian and Mark.
Desperately needing coffee we got ourselves booked in with our pre-printed boarding passes and hunted down a coffee bar.
Our flight left at 7 am and we arrived on time in a grey, drizzly Dublin. It turned out it was going to be a coats on / coats off day.
We picked up our pre-booked Dublin Passes (a pre-paid attractions admission card, so no queuing), City Tour Hop On Hop Off bus passes, Dublin Pass Guides and Aircoach tickets and were off on the coach for the 20 minute journey into Dublin City.
Being a whirl wind tour William had set us an itinerary so we could make the most of our day.


A chance email exchange recently with another Buffer stimulated me to reflect on why Tantra has become such an important influence on my attitudes. Tantra appears to have many guises - from mystic religion to wonder cure for impotence. Probably because its philosophy and practice is intensely personal it is very difficult to discover what Tantra is without experiencing it. Behind all the religious symbolism and sensual hype it is possible to find, if you are willing to dig a bit, a lot of practical advice.

In a fit of boredom I decided to experiment with just one simple aspect of it. Just by applying some simple principles I found the outcome was exactly as described. And no need at all for all the religious symbolism and fancy oriental terminology. Kolb's principles of experiential learning work just as well with Tantra as they do with teamwork.

What I have found interesting about Tantra is that its fundamental purpose appears to be the removal of gender from the power balance. Until I bring my own female and male qualities into harmony I cannot expect to create a balanced relationship with anyone else.

Art on the Other Side of the Common

Given the recent tragedies in the news, the heavy media interest focusing onthe bad and uglier side of life in the cities, it is at these timesthat we need to remember how fortunate we are to live in a greatvillage with relatively little crime.

The media coverage of recent events and the "hoodie" phenomenadoesn't help the youth's of today in their quest to make their way inthe world.

In search of a cheap holiday.

It all started when the wife & I went on holiday to Gran Canaria in March. It was quite expensive because we always go all inclusive. We decided that we rarely drink alcohol and dont eat much so all inclusive was a waste of money. I suggested a self catering place somewhere with a bit of privacy for a little naked sunbathing. Wifey agreed (although I dont think she really thought it would come off). First day back at work and what had a ppeared on the notice board? An advert from one of our retired drivers advertising a mobile home 30 miles north of Alicante. I e-mailed him for further details and he sent back pictures of the place, and details of prices etc. I consulted wifey who said it looked good and if I could get the whole week for both of us including flights, mobile home and hire car for less than £350 then we would go. Guess what - I worked it out at £347. Wifey agreed.

Naturist B&B in Bournemouth

I guess one of the few things I'm not really keen on as a naturist is that the level of accommodation can sometimes be a bit spartan. For some, 'spartan' is a real attraction, but not me. I did plenty of camping as a Scout in my teens, and plenty of family caravan holidays, too. Obviously, it depends where you go. Places like Southleigh in Cornwall have a good range of different types of accommodation, including static caravans and log cabins. But, I wanted to visit Studland beach recently, and it would require staying over a couple of nights. I'd seen a Naturist B&B advertised in H&E, and I decided to give it a go. The couple who run it are, in fact, 'buffers', so you can contact them via ITB: dorsetcouple in bournemouth I had an excellent time with them. They run a very clean, well organised b&b. It was great, being able to stay somewhere and enjoy being in the company of genuine naturists. It was delightful, being pampered by them. The breakfasts set you up for the day, and they also offer 3 course evening meals, which are also excellent. For obvious reasons, they haven't gone in for one or other of the b&b rating schemes! I reckon I would give them 4 stars or crowns, though. A safe place for women? Definitely!

Naturist Massage

I've only been a naturist since the beginning of the year, and I've been having fun, meeting new folk, and discovering a whole new way of life. Last night, I went for my first naturist massage. Well, actually, the first of any kind of massage! I decided to go to Elixir in N. London, because of the write up in H&E, and I was intrigued by having a massage, as a naturist and by a naturist. The atmosphere at Elixir is very friendly, and welcoming to a new person. It was immediately apparent that most of the folks there were regulars, which is a good sign. The staff were very friendly, efficient and helpful. The whole place was clean and well kept. There is a sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and lounge. The massage itself was wonderful! It was a very pleasant feeling, able to be nude, and being massaged by someone who was also nude. We had a very pleasant chat. It was very relaxing, and almost euphoric! My only regret was not spending more time on the massage. I was even a more courteous driver - and that IS saying something, in London traffic! Is Elixir a safe place for women? It was noticeable that, when I went in the evening, all the staff were women, and all the clients men. I asked if women did go, and was told that they tend to go in the afternoons. The naturist hostess comes on at 6 p.m. - maybe this has something to do with it?! I would say it is a safe place for women, but if you're not sure, go with a friend. If you're a naturist, and have never had a naturist massage, then you've missed out on something special!

Walney Island unofficial naturist beach Cumbria

Visited the beach backed by large dunes myself a couple of times last summer. Because I'm quite near I can pick the best days for a visit and do love the panoramic views across the estuary towards the Cumbrian fells. Working shifts I managed to get there mid week when the visitors are mainly beach combers and dog walkers. Being so far from the car parking area it is only those and the dedicated naturist sun seekers, who will be found dotted about the grass covered dunes.

Hi all

Hi every body,

I'm new to the site 2 days in fact, I'de just like to say what a great site what a great way to meet like minded people. As you can see I'm very impressed. I'm looking forward to making and meeting new freinds who share a common interest

Rob 1450 

Dreaming of a full H&E collection!

I,m the very proud owner of quite a large Health & Efficiency Magazine collection with a few missing editions. Soooooo .. I was thinking how cool it would be to try and get lucky on Buffs as I,m sure there must be other interested Buffers with spare copies or gaps? Hope that,s got you thinking enough to get in touch and we can maybe make you rich? Where did you stash those H&E,s? A few Buffers have asked me what I require in the way of missing H&E editions so here is my wish list. Please search your nooks and crannies Required H&E Monthy Magazines:- 1997 - Vol 98 March

SOC Walk

So, it's the hottest day of the year and temperatures well into the nineties, and what do I do? I go on my first SOC naked walk! We met near Arundel in Sussex at 11.45 a.m. and after a few introductions 18 men and 1 woman set off into the woods. Shorts were off after only about 20 yards and back on again twice within the next 250 yards. After that it was pretty much naked all the way. Fortunately for me, there was another 'newbie' on the walk and we soon fell into the pattern of walk and chat. Everyone was so open and friendly it really was a delight to be with them. As the other newbie said, have you ever met another naturist/nudist that was unpleasant? The going was fairly easy, along wooded trails and across golden fields, some of the views especialy over the downs to Bognor were pretty spectacular. We stopped for lunch below a huge oak in a field. It was really very pleasant, photos were taken and the temperature rose. The second part was more serious, following a roman road then crossing back into the forest (euroforest?). The leaders decided not to cut short the walk to 5,6 or even 8 miles because of the heat and we continued on to the full 10.8 miles. I must admit, the last 3 miles were mostly uphill and had me seriously doubting I could get to the end, especialy as my water had run out.

Cap D'Agde June 2006 my views

I arrived in Cap D'Agde naturist quarter around 4:30pm and the weather was warm but not sunny. As soon as I got out of the car I shed my clothes as I was going to make the most of my naturist time being able to be free of them, and if the climate suited I would remain unclothed for my stay. I was then taken to my accomodation, I was staying in the Heliopolis block of apartments. There are a few apartment blocks Heliopolis, Port Ambonne and Port Nature to name a few. In some old picture it shows swimming pools in the centre of the Heliopolis block, but this has been replaced by the building of more apartments. My accomodation was quite small and possibly in the oldest part of the Heliopolis. It contained a small bathroom with shower, toilet and wash basin all you need really. In the main area was a kitchenette with two electric rings and a sink, a microwave, a sofa bed and a small table with two chairs. I also had a small balcony with a patio table and two chairs. It was ok for me on my own but I seriously think a couple would of struggled being in such a small space together. I think the small apartments were only in the H,G and F side of the Heliopolis as the other Heliopolis apartments seemed to be newer and had a separate living and sleeping area and a large balcony.


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