Norfolk Trip

What a great month it's been. We are just back from 4 weeks in North Norfolk in the caravan. We only had one evening of rain, great for us but not for the local gardens and farms which are looking a bit partched. The warm Southwesterly breezea kept us all warm and cosy even at Holkham naturist beach a place well known for cool Northerly breezes (all the way unobstructed from the North Pole....) Who needs the South of France!

I am happy now!

I found a club! They don't discriminate. They do have a gender balance policy, but if you prove you are right for the club after 2 or 3 day visits, they don't shut you out regardless which gender or orientation applies to you. This wonderful club is a true naturist club.

So the bad news for the rest of you is, I'm not quitting naturism after all, You're still going to have to put up with my rants, lol.

The Singles Case! Gender balance is a policy based in the interest of sexual activity only.

I've calmed down!  Now this is far more logical and rational
Gender balance is a policy that is based in the interest of sexual activity only.
You don't agree? Then you tell me which other aspect of human life, other than sex, DEPENDS on what the person has between his/her legs. The answer is - none! There are other gender-relevant issues, but they are not dependent!

Off to Norfok

We're off on our Autumn migration next week with the caravan. I hope to spend a some nice days at Holkham (with the windbreak...) while my wife goes birding, poor her.

If anyone from ITB see me there say 'hello', I'll be the big guy with one

Bideford and Ilfracombe

Well what can I say about my trip to North Devon......mmmmmm

It's a long way from's very scenic....

and while we were there very wet! I think we averaged 2-3 inches of rain most days and 30-40mph winds on the

the hospitality was great and sympathetic wherever we went, unfortunately all our beach days intended for Wild Pear Beach were non-starters for a nude days at the beach.

For all that we had a great time and Devon is an excellent place to go.

Letter to thos poor discriminated single males

To a certain extent you guys tee me off with your persecution complex. So single males are excluded from admittedly a large number of "family" sun clubs. Just how really hard done by are you? Haven't you guys got any alternatives? Yes you have! Is your entire naturist life destroyed by this discrimination? No!
I am, like you, hit by the single male syndrome but for me, alone, it is terminal. Yet, I am hardly male, biologically neuter, a victim of your rule that shouldn't even apply to me. Now THAT is discrimination.

So we people offshore can join

Well seems the Good News is we don't have to wait till we hit ole blighty before becoming paid members. Well in case people read our profile and didn't thing we'd stick it out, sorry to disappoint ya, lol. We are here to stay as we believe our lifestyle is as relevant as anyone elses in here and that the nudist brigade is made up of all different kinds. PLease feel free to message us just because we are who we are there is no need to be scared were not gonna try jump ya or come onto ya, what you take us for ha ha ha...

Giving up smoking

Hi all I have given up smoking a week now, have joined a quit smoking group, doing well so far not had one since last Tuesday 2/6/09.

Thank you all for the comments. Still doing well, and its great to know so many others have done it, my partner is a non smoker, and when I did smoke I always smoked outside, in all weather, how sad is that, ( my choise not his ). Thanks again.


Thought I would just add a note about me. This is my second time here as a subscibed member, hence the second hand buffer title,if you have seen my album that will explain the words with out pictures, Im hoping to get them back. Myself and partner are both naturist, though she is not into the social scene, but loves being naked on the beach with me, tried a club once, in Norfolk, but wasnt very comfortable with it, hopefully one day she will come round.


Well.... we went the week after Easter but the weather was reeeeally cold with a steady NE wind and no sun....:(

We're back home now with the hope of a nice day for WNGD!

You know I am an optimist!


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