Where to go in London?

Hello everyone. I'm a new member on this forum, but long time naturist.I live in the capital, and it's getting very frustrating finding a nudist venue. I don't drive so getting out to the clubs in Kent is, a bit of a struggle really. Rios has gone further downhill than even I thought it could. I went for the first time in about 8 years the other week.


My Ten Requirements That Make Up The Perfect Naturist Photo

The World's Best Naturist Photo (well, according to my rules).

Some naturist photos seem to have a certain magic touch that can pull you in to the world of naturism with a glance and set your mind racing with possibilities. Maybe it reminds you of times you've had or times you wish you'd had. These special photos seem to be few and far between. So I decided to create a simple "Ten Point Checklist" list that I mentally compared photos to whenever I saw one.


Tom Poulton, artist

Ever heard of a graphics artist named Tom Poulton?

According to Wikipedia, ( ) Tom Poulton (1897–1963) was a British magazine and medical illustrator who provided artwork for a range of publications including the British Journal of Surgery and The Radio Times. After his death it was discovered that he had also secretly produced hundreds of sketches and finished drawings of men and women engaged in a wide range of uninhibited sexual activity.


Hong Kong 2019

i have a 19 hour stop-off in Hong Kong next Saturday 2nd Feb, i was wondering if anybody knows of anywhere naturist where i could spend a couple of hours, i have checked out a few saunas so if all else fails i can spend some time there, but even though this is China we are talking about, i was hoping there would be somewhere more social naturist.
i can't even see any naturist hotels can anybody guide this weary traveller or at least point him in the direction of a decent internet search


Countryside ramble

Explored a new ramble yesterday - breeze was a bit icy but the sun was out and keeping up a good pace kept me warm enough. Did eight miles on a circular route, and apart from the first and last mile all of it could be done naked. Only saw one other person, someone working in the woods a way off who probably saw me but nothing was said or done. Be nice to do it again in the warmer weather when I can stop and enjoy a picnic!Got another new route planned for next week if the weather stays dry - don't mind cloud or cold but rain makes for miserable hiking.


Are body piercings restricted to just young people?

I came late to body piercing ( in my late 50s ) a year or two before I self pierced my nipples and had the internet, i considered getting a foreskin piercing and contacted my nearest piercer,only to be told he didn't do genital piercing and that I would need to find piercer that did,months later I was connected to the internet and googled piercings from then on was hooked.



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