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I am a South African,and from

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I am a South African,and from the Afrikaans culture...we go barefoot...well most of us do or did one time or another.Most of our primary schools are barefoot friendly,and bare feet are written into their dress code.Some schools encourage the learners to rather attend barefoot.As for me,I am an ardent barefooter,have been and always shall be.I am barefoot all the time,everytime,everywhere....In university i went barefoot all throughout my studies,all year around,and 60% of the students at university began going barefoot.

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That is correct Graeme,and

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That is correct Graeme,and along with  Melilla mentioned by Ginger Jack, were the two I was looking for. Over to you for the next one.      Both enclaves give the EU the only land border with Africa.

i'm using both ipad and

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i'm using both ipad and laptop and use chat-non flash, ipad is slow to load but it is still useable and laptop is as you would expect from a pc, can't upload photos though in either format. 


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