Naturist FAQ

Here are our answers to a few of the million and one questions would be naturists have about the naturist lifestyle.

  1. What should I take on a visit to a naturist club or venue?

    A towel to sit on, you may want a smaller towel too if using sauna. If it is a day visit- food and drink. Sun protection cream or lotion, if you are going to be outdoors, remember even on an overcast day the sun’s rays can burn.
  2. Can I take my camera?

    Best to leave that in your car until you know the venue's rules regarding photography
  3. Will people look at me cos I don’t have the body beautiful?

    Who has??? A naturist is accepted for who you are not what you look like.
  4. Do I have to strip off and be nude all the time?

    Well, you are visiting a naturist club where the norm will be to be nude. Most clubs won’t expect you to strip as soon as you walk through the gate though. If the weather is cold you cover up and if it rains there is normally a club house where most retreat to. If you are lucky enough to have brilliant wall to wall sunshine and the sun starts to feel too hot, cover up. Remember some holiday eating places require clothing to be worn indoors. If dining al fresco, remember to always have something to sit on
  5. Erm, that time of the month?

    It is accepted that the ladies, at times, like to wear bikini bottoms. This gives away the fact that her body is behaving in a normal, healthy way. No problem! But remember most clubs have a No Clothing rule for the pool.
  6. What if I get an erection?

    This is most unlikely; a naturist club is not usually the most sexually stimulating place. If it happens – be sensible. Take a dip in the pool, turn over get a few rays on your back. Most of all don’t flaunt it.
  7. How will my relatives/children react?

    Relatives/children take it all in their stride. You behave normal, they will to, and they will love the freedom, and don’t forget they can play in the mud and sand all they like.
  8. Will naturism have an effect on close family relationships?

    If you are normally a well-balanced family, in a happy relationship, naturism can bring benefits by helping with relaxation and time spent together in a relaxed atmosphere.
  9. Will naturism affect my health?

    Providing you sun bathe responsibly and use any necessary protection, the relaxing environment away from the daily rat race can only be of benefit and many clubs have sporting activities you can join in with, just don’t overdo the sporty bit. Remember, some sporting activities can be more exhausting in the hot sun, so know your limits.
  10. What if my friends / colleagues / boss finds out that I have been to a naturist club?

    Well, they will only find out if you tell them. Club membership lists should be confidential. Ask if you think there is the possibility of disclosure of information. Then again you might want to spread the word about the wonderful time you had at the club.

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she can always report you,

she can always report you, but you wouldn't be doing anything wrong...... in the eyes of the law if you are just attending to household duties or sunbathing, .....go for it my friend all my neighbours see me on a daily basis as like you my kitchen and garden is extremely  overlooked

Counsellor, masseur